There are days when my biggest block towards moving ahead is procrastination. Plan and simple procrastination. I find myself doing trivial tasks instead of the core work that needs my attention. The side stuff is not necessary, its mundane, its menial yet I find it easier to bother myself with them and not focus on the things that will take me ahead in my souls purpose. These core things I am avoiding, have to do with directly putting myself out there in one way or another. They have the power to let me been seen, they help me create, they help me push through my barriers to become better. I know this yet I dabble on the edges.

And then when I finally put myself out there for all to see, I feel great! Like I’ve achieved something, I’ve overcome myself and I find that the world including myself is better off for it.

A dear friend recently said that she thought my work was so much better than I perceived it to be. This is so relevant to so many of us who perceive our impact to be so tiny in comparison to what it really is.

Maybe it’s time to see ourselves for who we really are — the light we bring and the darkness that keeps us in line.