One of the biggest challenges when venturing into the unknown whether it is starting a family, a business, a new job, learning a new skill or working towards a personal goal is Overwhelm. Overwhelm because you compare yourself to others, overwhelm because of the high expectations you place on yourself.

As I compared myself to others I realised that I was only belittling my own spirit. As I placed upon myself expectations that were impossible to reach, I was only finding a way to reinforce the thought that I was not good enough to achieve the things I wanted.

Then I realized, the people I was comparing myself too were exactly in the same place at one time or another. They have been through this and probably still go through this daily. The only difference is, even though they have doubts, insecurities and overwhelm they cheered themselves on against all odds.

Perhaps it’s time to pick ourselves and cheer ourselves on. If we don’t believe in our own greatness, how can we expect others to?