Hey there, I’m so glad you’re here!


I’m Siana and I help Women, especially Mothers Embrace their Wild by exploring all the greatness that lies within to Live Well and Thrive.

I’m a passionate explorer of people, places and potential. I spent my childhood in the colorfully chaotic cities of India and moved to Australia during my young adult years where I did a lot of growing up on my own. I now live with my French husband and China- born baby girl in Beijing. As a young family living far away from anything we call ‘Home’, we are embracing our wild and always finding ways to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to see how far we can go.  

 With a Masters in Human Resources and Certification in Positive Psychology,  I live, work and breathe all things Human Potential. While I’ve worked with a wide range of organisations in the past, I now feel called towards using my strengths and experience to work with Women who are ready and craving to step into their Wildness.  


Why I do this.

 I believe that Women are more powerful than we can even imagine and its time to walk into our potential. 

As a new mother, I also believe that the process of becoming a mother has the can transform a woman in a badass way. 

While there are many ways in which the “wild” nature of women can be unleashed, the instinctual nature that is ignited during pregnancy, giving birth and caring for a family gives us incredible strength that can be beautifully harnessed in any direction we choose. 

My hope is for Women to embrace all we’ve learnt and experienced during the re-acquaintance with our innate wildness to push ourselves forward to live a life of clarity, purpose and intention.

My experience with Motherhood and embracing my wild has brought me to a place where I am proud to be. I have met a new me, someone with strengths and abilities she never thought she had. I am and continue to Embrace my Wild and go after my goals and dreams that enable me to express myself fully, unleash my potential and do work that is meaningful to me. 

 I’d love to guide YOU to Embrace YOUR Wild so that you may live your best life wildly!

Curious about how I can help you?

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