Go out into the Wild. Keep walking until there is no turning back and see how you survive, how it breaks you and makes you. And once you’ve come out on the other side in one piece hopefully, show others the way. Show them what you’ve learnt about it, its Wild ways and what its taught you about yourself. Show them that they too have the strength to venture in and be confident that no matter what happens on the other side they did it, they tried and they got an honest taste of what the Wild really is.

Give the Wild a chance. You might love it or hate it but it will change you. It will change the cells in your body. It will change your mind and how you see the world. It will even change how the world sees you. It will remake you and you will never think the same way about yourself again.

The Wild will hold your hand and throw you into the fire to see if you make it out alive and kicking. It will be ruthless and full of love. It will show you what you’re made of.

Let the Wild envelope you in its Wilderness so it may take over you and caress you and make you one with it.